Below are lecture notes from my graduate course in taxation and local public sector economics.  Some are newer and more complete than others.  I expect to add to this site as this semester goes on.

The material here is covered in a number of sources, but I do have some minor innovations here and there.  I point those out in comments below and in the notes.  I do not give credit for canonical results, but it should be understood that I am not taking credit for that material.  If there is any evidence that anyone is using these notes I will add bibliographic material.  The canonical ("textbook") material is a melange of Atkinson-Stiglitz, Tresch, Auerbach, and Myles.  I do cite journal articles when I draw directly from them.

I'd like to hear about errors of any kind, big or small, and (notwithstanding the previous paragraph) anything that comes across as such wholesale appropriation that it ought to be beneath my dignity (ahh, but perhaps you do not know me that well).

--Paul Rothstein